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Welcome to a new way of healthcare. We put the power of choice back into your hands with healthcare alternatives for every need and budget.


We can design your employee benefits programs in many ways. From employers with no benefits to employers with 1,000+ employees and looking to explore cost containment strategies.

Individuals & Families

Choose from a variety of plans that fit your needs and budget. From short term medical plans, catastrophic coverage, everyday coverage, and comprehensive coverage.


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Giles Consulting Group is a licensed independent employee benefits company, specializing in providing cost efficient and effective healthcare strategies the market has to offer. We help individuals and businesses of all sizes to find the right healthcare that fits their needs. One thing you can expect when you partner with our agency is transparency in the process, quality healthcare products, communication and education of benefits. Our mission is to provide excellent service, answer the phone when you call and save you time and money. 


Let Giles Consulting Group redefine the way you experience healthcare! 


Individual Health Benefits

Choosing an individual health insurance policy can be a complicated journey. Multiple factors go into the price of a plan—including the size of the provider network, how much the insurance company will cover, and the deductible amount. Let us help you select a healthcare alternative option that could save you and your family up to 50% per month or thousands of dollars per year without sacrificing quality care. 

Catastrophic Coverage

Choose from a variety of plans that fit your needs and budget - coverage for Catastrophic, Everyday, Short Term, and Comprehensive plans.

Everyday Healthcare

You can select benefits like Prescription Only Plan, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Cancer, Critical Illness, High Deductible Gap Insurance, Disability and Accident Insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage

Choose from a variety of comprehensive plans that cover your primary care visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.

Tommy's Most Cost Effective Healthcare Alternative Recommendations

Below you will find a wide variety of individual benefits. I'm going to save you some time trying to figure out which company and what benefit is best for you. I will show you healthcare plans and strategies that are saving our clients hundreds and even thousands of dollars in healthcare premiums every year. 

1. Direct Primary Care


When you purchase this plan, it will serve just about all of your primary care needs. PrimaCare Premium Plan by offered by Aliera Healthcare - It is guaranteed Issue for individuals starting at $99 per month up to $259 per month for a family plan. Benefits include 24/7 Telemedicine by Teledoc, Nationwide network of primary care doctors. You will get unlimited co-pay visits for low as $25 per visit, urgent care visits and more. This plan does not provide any hospitalization benefits. We choose this plan because 80% of doctors visits can be handled right over the phone, but if not, you can still go visit your primary care doctor. Click the link and scroll to the product PrimaCare Premium to learn more. Click Here

2. No Deductible Healthcare Plan


This plan is called the Affordable Choice offered by Manhattan Life Insurance. This plan is fantastic! It is a limited hospitalization benefit. Before you disregard this option because it says limited benefit, let me just tell you that this insurance policy is rich with benefits. It covers the followingThis plan pays a daily benefit amount for services. Inpatient Benefits, Hospital Admission Benefit, Surgical Benefits, Doctor's Office visit, Outpatient Medical Benefits, Emergency or Urgent Care, $5,000,000 Lifetime Benefit Maximum, and Teladoc/Karis 360 (not included in the child only policy) This policy has saved families upwards of $7,000 per year in premium costs alone not to mention the savings for not paying an annual deductible. * I highly recommend this option* See below to get a quote. 

Affordable Choice

Surgical & Hospitalization Benefits

Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance

3 Benefits In 1

Out-of-Pocket Protection Plan

Insurance For Your Deductible

Personal 24 Hour Accident Insurance

Accident Coverage

Cancer & Dread Disease Insurance

Financial Solutions, Treatment and Recovery

Critical Illness Insurance

Heart Attacks & Stroke Beneftis

Viva Life Family 20 Year Term Life Insurance

No Medical Exam Required

Issue Ages: 18 - 55

Viva Life Professional
20 Year Term

No Medical Exam Required

Issue Age: 18 - 60

Viva Life Whole Life Insurance

No Medical Exam Required

Issue Ages: 0 - 65

Victory Series Guaranteed Issue Hospital Indemnity Plan

No Medical Exam Required

Issue Ages: 18 - 65


Group Health Benefits

We Design Benefits Plans

Group Health Insurance

Minimum Essential Coverage Plans

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Hospitalization Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Life Insurance




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