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Learn how to get more benefits and save more money in 2020.

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Welcome to a new way of healthcare. We put the power of choice back into your hands with healthcare alternatives for every need and budget.

Benefits MarketPlace

What type of benefit coverages are you looking for? 

Group Healthcare
Individual Healthcare

Catastrophic Coverage

Choose from a variety of plans that fit your needs and budget - coverage for Catastrophic, Everyday, Short Term, and Comprehensive plans.

Everyday Healthcare

You can select benefits like Prescription Only Plan, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Cancer, Critical Illness, High Deductible Gap Insurance, Disability and Accident Insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage

Choose from a variety of comprehensive plans that cover your primary care visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.


Meet Your Agent

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Tommy provides employee benefits to all markets of businesses. From a start-up company to a local church, he can do it all for you.  He has an eye for finding a healthy mix of benefits from employer-sponsored to healthcare alternatives. 


Tommy works closely with plan administrators to ensure that the highest quality of benefits is being offered, employees are excited about their benefits and the cost of healthcare isn't costing you a mortgage payment per month. Tommy will out of his way to make sure every employee is seen, educated and communicated the value of their employer-sponsored benefits. 


At your next open enrollment, consider calling Tommy to help you maximize all your opportunities and providing the best value for your company this year!